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The Rat Wheels

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We are stuck

It starts from the optimism of whether we as a species are really moving forward.

But it is because all people I know always try to be better every day, for whatever activities and for whatever purpose.

And with people moving forward together, we can actually move as a species

But why do a lot of people feel stuck in the so-called "rats wheel"?

There are people that think that they are moving but stay in the same place for a big chunk of their life. It can be felt either when they are working or in a family or other part of my life.

So where is the progress?

This is where it gets tricky.

We are moving forward

Maybe what they don't have is perspective.

Maybe they don't know that the wheel is actually moving forward.

But what they feel is limited only to what happens within the wheel. That's why they don't have a sense of moving forward since all you can see is just part of the wheel over and over again.

And be honest, we are all stuck in the wheel anyway.

But we are actually moving "something" forward, whatever it is, supported by our own wheel. And we also need this wheel, to support in a way that is efficient and effective to support the the move.

The question is the direction of "forward" is something that matters to you or not. That depends on the vision that you have.

If you don't agree, you can move out and build your own "something" and convince people to join your "wheel", moving forward in a slightly different direction.

But that many wheels moving bring us here today, and that many wheels later will bring us somewhere later on.

Again we don't have the obligation to help people realize the "direction" or vision.

Sometimes what people want is just something that can be fulfilled inside the wheel (money, power, security).

And they don't need to know or maybe don’t care where the wheel is moving as long as it is moving.

Finding out

What is it then that we need to know about the rat wheel?

First and foremost is that we need to see outside our wheel, get a bigger perspective, see beyond ourselves. That’s where we know we belong to something.

Next, we get the see where we are going, and whether it is the right direction for you. You can get out or you can agree with it.

Whatever is inside the wheel (money, power, security) still helps you fulfil your needs. But to get out of the rat wheel, all you need is perspective.

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